Discover the Street-Smart Way of How-To Invest in Apartments and other Commercial Real Estate


The Commercial Real Estate
Mentorship Program

Build Financial and Time Freedom

The Commercial Real Estate Mentorship Program is a 60-Day“go at your own pace” virtual training for anyone who wants to expand build on their existing real estate business, start a new one, or to simply make extra income.


It’s everything you need to know to build a commercial real estate investing business.

You'll have an expert commercial real estate mentor to answer YOUR questions

Who is The Commercial Real Estate
Mentorship Program for?

Whether you want to grow an existing real estate business or start a new one
The Commercial Real Estate Mentorship Program teaches you:

  • How to Wholesale, Get Started with Little to No Money Down
  • The Ultimate No-Money Deals for Newbies
  • Methods to Secure Financing
  • How to Obtain Beneficial Opportunities Like Façade Grants
  • Alternative Approaches to Find Properties
  • How to Structure Win-Win Deals, to Get Your Deal Done
  • How to Become a Partner in a Deal Without Cash or Equity
  • How to Leverage the Power of the Master Lease Strategy
  • How to Build Your Commercial Real Estate Investing Team, the Ultimate Time Freedom Machine
  • How to Get the Seller to say, “Yes!”
  • How to Understand the Detailed Process to Close Your Deal
  • How to Present and Negotiate the Final Deal
  • How to Manage, Maximize, and Optimize Value
  • And More!
All while honoring your priorities and building a business YOU love.

"Doc taught me the importance of due diligence. The checklists he provided were critical to my success. I did buy-fix-flip and wholesale deals and made $10,000, $7,500, and $3,300 and am doing more. He taught me how to negotiate, which is key."

Kansas City

"Dr. Howard is a very detail oriented individual and through his mentorship I gained valuable knowledge and experience in the real estate investing industry. Through his mentorship, I have since gone on to own several income properties. It would not have been possible without his true passion for helping others and his exceptional knowledge on the topic.
Doc is the best mentor I have ever had!"

Mark W.
Saskatchewan, Canada

Lifetime Online Access.
Go At Your Own Pace.

They don't teach you this in school...It's So Much Better!

Created by a 30-year commercial real estate expert in the field, your entire course is online and can be completed from the comfort of your home or on-the-go. While content is time-released in a specific order, you have lifetime access, so you can work at your own pace and revisit lessons any time, and from virtually anywhere.

"Just do it-it works! I bought 2 apartment buildings (63 units total)
with only $2,000 down!"

Fred J.
Vancouver, Canada

"After working with Doc and going through the real estate program, I was able to build a small portfolio of rental properties. I never had a chance to do a flip, but I found great deals. Doc, if you are ever in the Sacramento area, lunch is on me. "

Eric E.
Sacramento, CA

"Dr. Haller's mentorship has put me where I am today in commercial real estate investing. I found Doc's treatment of the important metrics easy to understand and perfectly tailored to commercial real estate. Meanwhile, his " your niche" videos introduced me to some markets I'd never even thought of. His videos are easy to watch and straightforward to learn from, so I highly recommend the course just for those resources.
I can't recommend Doc's Commercial Real Estate Mentorship Program highly or strongly enough. I think, based on what I've seen, that just about anybody at any experience level will be ecstatic at the return on your investment."

Stephen K.
Topeka, KS

"We had Doc's undivided attention! We found a deal, Super excited! "

Lisa S.
Anchorage, AK

"Doc could easily charge $10,000 or more! (But that's not what he's about.)
I especially liked the step-by-step detail of the Commercial Real Estate Mentorship Program. I found our One-on-One phone coaching calls insightful and helpful."

Karen Q.
New Jersey

"Doc Haller personally trained and inspired me to become a successful real estate investor. With his guidance, I purchased three foreclosed properties in Clearlake that have now been fixed up and rented out. He explained the importance of a great team, and as a result, I have a dependable Property Manager and a hard-working Contractor working with me."

Peter R.
Menlo Park, CA

"Dr. Howard Haller was exceptional with his detail teaching. The information is far superior from what we signed up for through (another nameless real estate training firm). I highly recommend Doc and thank God for sending this young man to us! Thank you Dr. Howard Edward Haller!!!"

Roxanne H.
Good Year, AZ

"After taking Doc Haller’s program, we acquired 2 properties in Bristol TN and are currently working on our 3rd! "

Howard G
New Hampshire

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