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Trap # 3: The Cash Credit Crunch

Anyone that tells you, you don't need money to do buy, fix, and flip is lying. Now I didn't say it had to be your money, OK? But you do need money to do a deal. So, unless you are sitting on a ton of cash, you are probably going to be look at borrowing the money for your buy, fix, and flip, deal from a hard money lender, not the bank. 

Traditional Lenders

Let me describe how it really works, because I have been a real estate lender for over 30 years. I started lending with the Bank of America when I was only 22 years old. I have worked for the Bank of America and the Chemical Bank of New York, and have been a residential and commercial lender and commercial mortgage broker for the last 20+ years.

Let’s say you were going to go to a bank to try to get this deal done and buy residential property as an investment. First off, the banks are not going to be wild about making that loan in the first place, and you must go through all their hoops and rules and you must have a 20%...

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