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The Commercial Real Estate Mentorship Program

At the Commercial Real Estate Mentorship Program, we believe that everyone should have a chance to create the life they want. That’s why we give you the training you need to build a successful business with commercial real estate. From deciding which type of commercial real estate is best for you and your current skills and talents, all the way to having a six or seven figure cash flowing business, your investment in Commercial Real Estate Mentorship Program is an investment in your dreams!

In this jam-packed program you will be shown:

   How to become an informed intelligence commercial real estate investor
   How to transform your life as a successful commercial real estate investor
   How to find off-market commercial real estate
   How to find and analyze property
   How to establish necessary investment criteria
   How to meet with commercial real estate brokers
   How to structure Commercial Real Estate deals
   How to write offers on Commercial Real Estate properties
   How to present offers to brokers and/or owners
   How to follow up on offers and negotiations on offers
   How to do the Due Diligence on Commercial Real Estate acquisitions
   How to build your own commercial real estate investing team
   How to find, screen, hire, and manage your Commercial Property Managers
   How to do Creative and Seller Financing on Commercial Real Estate property
   And much, much more!

The best part is that Doc Haller will personally be inside the program weekly to answer all questions you may have about the program material for the first 12 months that you own the program. It's like having a personal One-on-One commercial real estate mentor, without the One-on-One price tag! And you'll have access to the online portion of the program forever, so you can review any material any time you wish.

With over 60 modules that include videos/ audios/ transcripts, downloads, and answers to your questions from a commercial real estate expert, the commercial real estate mentorship program provides you with everything you need to build the life of your dreams!

Dream Bigger! Succeed Faster!

Howard Edward Haller, Ph.D.

 Commercial Real Estate Mentor for ten years
 Has Worked With over 800 Mentees
 Commercial Real Estate Investor for over 40 years 
 Commercial and Residential Real Estate Developer
 Real Estate Broker (Licensed in California for over 30 years)
 Licensed California General Contractor (over 25 years)
 Licensed California Engineering Contractor 
 Real Estate Trainer (Over 4,900 students)
 Medical Office Building Expert and Speaker


Via email: [email protected]


Via regular mail: Haller Companies LLC

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                                 25 W Telegraph St.
                                 Washington, UT 84780-8010



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