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Trap # 1: The REO Rat Race

The residential REO market has changed. There’s less inventory than there was in 2008 to 2012. There are several points I want to make here about what’s going on with the current REO (Bank Real Estate Owned) market when it comes to investors who are purchasing REOs for buy, fix and flip and buy, fix, hold.

Between 2007 to 2011, banks were giving away their foreclosure resales at approximately half price because the REOs were destroying the banks’ balance sheets. They were terrified that the United States government (Controller of Currency) would come in and shut them down. If you remember, we were watching on the news and on the internet in 2008, 9, 10, 11 and 12, when, four, five, six hundred banks were seized and closed a year. And that was because their portfolio of residential bad loans. The banks’ sub-prime loans, \were taken care of by the federal government’s $7 hundred billion bailout.

A lot of real estate agents, brokers, and...

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