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The Benefits of a Master Lease Agreement with Option to Purchase


The majority of Mobile Home Parks in America are owned free and clear. There is no banker. How would you like to buy a property and not have to go to the bank to get a loan? How would you like to cut a deal where you do not have to have a down payment? Those are two wins I think for you.

As a newbie, you'd like to get the cash flow. If you had 50 units and you increase the rent $50 a month, you have $30,000 more income coming in each year. Would that be nice? Sure, would! It is a win-win deal and I like that. You benefit because you get the income, you get the upside, you get the capital appreciation, you get the opportunity to increase the value and you get all that because you set a fixed price in advance.

At the end of the master lease, or any time before the end of the master lease, if you want to exercise your option, you could. It is a wonderful way for you to get into a property with literally nothing down. I think it is great for you. I’m going to tell you point blank,...

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