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What The Rich People Know That You Don’t

Over the past two centuries, 90% of all millionaires
earned their status through real estate.

More than stocks, bonds, precious metals, oil, trademarks or even technology, real estate is the reliable investment that people will always value, want and need above all else.

Commercial real estate has made me more than a living. It’s granted me freedom.

Freedom to spend my time with family instead of being chained to a desk, commuting to a gray office building, or yawning through a video call.

Freedom to have more than the commodities in life, but to be able to indulge in frequent vacations, luxuries and toys with my family that a younger me only dreamed of.

And the freedom to choose how I work, when I work, and with whom I work, as I’m truly a delegator and a decision maker for my own destiny – not just a cog in a corporate machine.


Enroll Now - Start Your Journey to Commercial Real Estate Mastery

So before I tell you everything I know and invite you to dive into this journey, let me ask you – what is your WHY?

This is important – don’t skip this!!!

  • Maybe you’re ready to strike into a lucrative new career with a low barrier of entry but a huge potential for accumulating wealth.
  • Maybe you’re a real estate professional who wants to learn a new skill and is tired of hot-and-cold markets, finicky clients and dead-end leads.
  • Or maybe you’re simply tired of trading your time for money and want to let an asset appreciate on your behalf – easily and automatically – while you keep snowballing profits.

Maybe it’s all of these.

Maybe it’s something totally different.

Regardless of how much or how little experience you have in this field, I know that if you have a working cell phone and an ounce of motivation, this path will work for you.

I must profess I’m no “genius,” nor do I have a natural talent for all things real estate. Nobody does.

I simply spent the majority of my adult career in this industry and started to learn the tricks and see the patterns.

And without exaggeration, the offer on this page is my life’s work. It’s my “brain dump” of everything I would teach a loved one who was sincerely interested in replicating my success.

So it’s my pleasure to introduce you to:

The Commercial Real Estate
Mentorship Program

I’ve spent decades of my life understanding the strategies of commercial real estate, discovering how even a total newbie can set a foundation, build relationships, find desirable properties, and close on them in record time.

Then I spent months distilling down the information into bite-size, actionable, easily understood directions that anyone can understand.

And you can install all this information into your brain in just a few weeks.


Enroll Now - Start Your Journey to Commercial Real Estate Mastery

A Two-Part Mentorship

The Commercial Real Estate Mentorship Program teaches you in two ways. While content is time-released in a specific order, you have lifetime access, so you can work at your own pace and revisit lessons any time, and from virtually anywhere. Beyond the recording classes, you also have direct access to me, Doc Haller, ready to walk you through any hardship or troubleshoot any roadblock. You’ll never plateau or get confused. You’ll never have to deal with vagueness or a steep learning curve. I’m by your side and I’m invested in helping you achieve greatly.


Here’s Exactly What You’ll Be Learning

There are 17 different modules designed to be consumed across 60 days. Go as fast or as slow as you’d like:

  • The exact strategies I use to procure apartment buildings, commercial strip malls, large retail stores, and more – REMEMBER: we’re doing this with very little or NO money down!
  • How to secure financing the easiest, most stress-free way possible
  • How to obtain beneficial financial opportunities (like façade grants and more)
  • Little-known approaches to find “hidden gems” of properties (many of these strategies I developed myself – you won’t find anyone else doing it like this)
  • The ultimate no-money deals for newbies
  • How to structure win-win relationships so people are eager to get your deal inked and moving forward
  • How to become a partner in a deal without cash or equity
  • The coveted and powerful “master lease strategy” that will have you making – AND saving – more money than other investors
  • How to build your commercial real estate investing team (so you can lean back and claim your time freedom)
  • How to find and close on off-market properties
  • An exhaustive encyclopedia of the contracts, scripts and documents you’ll ever need – no expensive lawyers or typing up agreements yourself
  • The “Why-didn’t-I-think-of-that!” psychology that makes sellers reflexively say “yes!” to your proposals
  • The process of closing your first deal in dummy-proof detail
  • How to present and negotiate a finalized deal like a seasoned pro
  • How to manage, maximize, and optimize value (step by step, piece by piece!)
  • And much, much, MUCH more.

"Dr. Howard is a very detail oriented individual and through his mentorship I gained valuable knowledge and experience in the real estate investing industry. Through his mentorship, I have since gone on to own several income properties. It would not have been possible without his true passion for helping others and his exceptional knowledge on the topic. Doc is the best mentor I have ever had. "

Mark Webb
Saskatchewan, Canada

"After working with Doc and going through the real estate program, I was able to build a small portfolio of rental properties. I found great deals. Doc, if you are ever the Sacramento area, lunch is on me."

Eric E
Sacramento, CA

"Doc taught me the important of due diligence. The checklists he provided were critical to my success. I did buy-fix-flip and wholesale deals and made $10,000, $7,500, and $3,3000 and am doing more. He taught me how to negotiate, which is key."

Kansas City, MO

This is not your “traditional” real estate coaching.

Over the past few decades, I’ve witnessed firsthand what I call “the swarming of the vultures.” The secret’s out that real estate is a consistent, simple, and powerful way to grow your nest egg and create an enviable wealth portfolio. So much so that hundreds (if not thousands) of gurus have materialized over the past number of years that are asking $10k, $20k, or even $30k for a standard training – all with a straight face. And even when people pony up and buy, they don’t get ALL the knowledge. Like a cult, you’re always asked to take it one step further and push yourself to that next level (“Double Executive Diamond” or whatever fancy name it may go by). Of course, this additional info costs even more money, but you need it if you “really wanna know the secrets.” Then if you have questions, you get turned over to a hired “coach” who follows a script, pushes you to buy, and likely doesn’t even know anything more than the student! It smells like BS because it is BS and I simply won’t stand for it. This course is different. There’s only one tier. There’s no upsells or hidden info. I’m a straight shooter and I hope you are, too. I don’t play games. I’m here to teach if you’re here to learn!


Meet your coach:

The mastermind behind $16 BILLION in real estate assets

Dr. Haller, or “Doc” as his mentees call him, has built an enviable career presiding over almost every sector of real estate, including time as a professional investor, broker, developer, lender, manager, and contractor.

As V. P. of Real Estate for United Artists/TCI, Doc acquired, developed, and managed a real estate portfolio that totaled up to $16 billion. During that time, Doc developed his own commercial real estate business and built it to a personal net cash flow of $345,000* a year.

Doc's recent mentees have collectively purchased over $43 million of commercial real estate and aren’t slowing down. Ready to join them?


* Results not typical

What do you have to do for this to work?

It’s simple...

  • You have to be open-minded. If you go in with an attitude of “this won’t work” then it won’t. That’s the placebo effect. Even Tylenol won’t cure a headache if you’ve convinced yourself it doesn’t work.
  • You have to have an internet connection.

That’s literally it!

It doesn’t matter how much experience you have in this area. We are starting from scratch with zero assumptions and going from there.

Just like learning anything else, it’s simply a matter of taking in the knowledge, internalizing it, and putting it to good use.

Follow the steps and the success will come.

Just ask some of the other students who received mentorship already:

"In this (Commercial Real Estate Mentorship) program I found everything. Absolutely everything I needed to become a full commercial real estate investor. This program is incredible because it comes from Dr. Haller in a very personalized way. I bought my first strip shopping center and I’m very happy about that. I was taught to analyze, negotiate, fund and manage my first deal. I highly recommend Doc’s program! I just want to say thank you very much Dr. Haller."

Conrad C.
Riverside, CA

"Doc. Haller trained and inspired me to become a real estate investor. With his guidance, I purchased three foreclosed properties in Clearlake that have now been fixed up and rented out. He explained the importance of a great team, and as a result, I have a dependable Property Manager and a hard-working Contractor working with me. I appreciate Doc. Haller's help and mentorship."

Peter R

"Doc’s unmatched abilities can help all budding and future real estate investors comprehend the simple to the most complex and creative real estate transactions.

Through his step by step explanations, every student has a wonderful opportunity to learn from his tremendous knowledge and experiences. Anyone who has the privilege to spend time with Doc will walk away with an appreciation and understanding of how real estate can change not only their lives but the world around them! "

Edwin Logan

So what now? You have 3
(and only 3) choices:

  1. Forget anything you read here. Forget you heard of me or my system. Go back to normal life and try to enjoy what you have. I wish you nothing but luck, I didn’t enjoy that kind of life but you can write your own destiny.


  1. Use my experience as inspiration. Obviously my system works and I have the success to prove it. If you don’t like being taught, or if you like figuring things out on your own (not recommended) then you don’t need my help at all.


  1. Skip all the hard stuff and I’ll just show you how to start your commercial real estate empire and show you how to build your best life. You can “skip the hard part” and get all the happiness, motivation, success and results that comes from my proven system… and start pursuing properties and making progress now.

and GET 81% OFF!

Enroll Now - Start Your Journey to Commercial Real Estate Mastery

Seriously. Get the help you need right now. You didn’t read through this big old page just for fun!!

I remember what it was like to look at solutions square in the face and then wonder “hmm, is this for me?” All that hesitating cost me A LOT of time, experiences and happiness. If you’re ready to take control of your future and start investing in commercial real estate THIS YEAR… Let’s do this! To achieving great things, ~ Doc Haller


100% Money Back Guarantee.

With The Commercial Real Estate Mentorship Program, there's no risk, and you can try this program out! If during the first 19 days, you are not 100% satisfied and don't feel like this is the right program for you, just send us an email, and we will give you a full refund. No questions asked.

"After taking Doc's program, We acquired 2 properties in Bristol TN and are currently working on a 3rd!"

Howard G.
New Hampshire,

"Doc could easily charge $10,000 or more! (But that's not what he's about.) I especially liked the step-by-step detail of the Commercial Real Estate Mentorship Program."

Karen Q
New Jersey

"Dr. Haller's mentorship has put me where I am today in commercial real estate investing. I found Doc's treatment of the important metrics easy to understand and perfectly tailored to commercial real estate. Meanwhile, his " your niche" videos introduced me to some markets I'd never even thought of. His videos are easy to watch and straightforward to learn from, so I highly recommend the course just for those resources.
I can't recommend Doc's Commercial Real Estate Mentorship Program highly or strongly enough. I think, based on what I've seen, that just about anybody at any experience level will be ecstatic at the return on your investment."

Stephen King

Module Breakdown
What You'll Get...

Days 1-7

Module 2 Self-Storage Strategies

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Most people stay stuck with residential real estate and struggle to make the extra income they want.. Not you! With your entrepreneurial spirit you know that Self-Storage is an excellent money-making opportunity, because there is a lucrative demand for self-storage both from individuals and businesses alike. YOU will only not own your own real estate, but own your own business as well. Let’s do this!

Module 1 Aquire Apartments

More Doors are Better Than One

How would you like to have multiple tenants pay down your mortgage? With a few deals, and a little time, you can build a large portfolio of commercial real estate assets. Module 2 takes you into the exciting world of multi-family investing.

Want to get started with little to no money down? Hear how another mentee was able to buy a 9-unit apartment building, with no money out-of-pocket. In fact, he got a check at closing. I show you, step-by-step, how YOU can do this too.

Module 3 Mobile Home Park Pluses

Earn While You Learn

Mobile home parks one of the best investments left in America because you can acquire more units for less money. And lower income retirees are looking to mobile homes as their chance of still being a homeowner. As an owner of a mobile home park, you can quickly grow a business. In this module you'll be introduced to the Master Lease strategy, and the secret of how you can use it to your advantage, so YOU can make money while you learn.

Days 8-10

Module 4 Offices’ Outstanding Offerings

Triple Net=More Money

Wow! Not only do office tenants pay rent, they also pay for the repairs and maintenance, property taxes, and insurance. And 99% of them pay for the utilities too! The result, 
almost pure net Income..., pure cash flow to you. In this module you will observe why  longer, triple-net leases can help YOU to gain short-term income generation as well as long-term capital appreciation.

Module 5 Strip Shopping Center Success

Diversify! Profit Protection

Strip Shopping centers could be among the best investments over the next decade because a good strip shopping center will have multiple income streams from different sectors, such as health and beauty services, food, banking, technology, and more. So even if one industry softens, the others are likely to be trending up, which allows you to control your asset value in all cycles. In Module 6, you’ll discover the key to investment success in strip shopping centers. You'll find out how you can get facade grants (free money) to improve your asset. Strip Shopping Centers can give YOU both passive income and wealth building simultaneously.

Module 6 Large Retail Riches

Additional Passive Income!

Want a piece of the action? Large retailers will pay you a part of all their sales, if you know how to write the contract properly. And you'll discover how to do that in this module. As a whole, the U.S. real estate market is at ground zero. Based upon historical cycles, this means another 7 to 15-year growth cycle. Massive shopping centers offer diversity because a single investment delivers multiple sources of income. You won't rely on the performance of a single tenant. An effective property management company can ensure you never have to lift a finger, which results in truly passive income for YOU.

Module 7  Industrial Building Income

Steady Income

A general reason why most retail investors don't invest in industrial properties is due to lack of knowledge or experience about these properties. Yet, modern industrial buildings are easy to understand and are typically used for 2 things: companies make things there , or they store things there. In this Module, you’ll learn how tenant stability will help YOU see a steady income. While tax incentive programs, as well as local commerce development grants, can reduce the cost of ownership.

Days 11-16

Module 8  Set Your Business for Success

Let's Do This Smart

The reason most folks fail at investing in the real estate business is because they miss the “Business” part. So, I’m going to show you step-by-step how to protect your commercial real estate business in an LLC so that you can protect yourself from lawsuits and to eliminate self-employment tax. I show you how to open a business bank account (with a list of all the component parts needed---and exactly how to get them.)

Days 17-23

Module 9  Find Lucrative
Commercial Real Estate; On and Off-Market

Less Competition

You won’t find off-market commercial real estate properties with a Google search. But you can find lucrative properties before the public has access to them. This is the exact strategies that Doc Haller uses to find off-market commercial real estate. And in this module YOU get access to alternative approaches to investigating potential investment properties, before the competition.

Module 10  Analyze and Structure Your Deals

Structure Win-Win-Deals

Now it's time to get all the pieces in place, to start creating passive income. With this step-by-step training, you’ll discover how to structure win-win deals. You'll be shown the insider tips and tricks to analyze your commercial real estate deal.

As a result, YOU can make an intelligent and informed business decision, structure a win-win deal, and get your deal done.

Days 24-30

Module 11  Effective Methods to
Fund Your Deals

Short on Cash and/or Credit?

One of the biggest hurdles stopping people from creating an extra stream of income from commercial real estate is that they don't have, or don't know where to get money to do a commercial real estate deal. In this Module, I’ve laid out exactly how you can put together funding so YOU can get your real estate deal done.

Days 31-37

Module 12 Find Partners/Investors:
Other People's Money

Need Money for Deals?

You need money to purchase commercial real estate. But, no one says it has to be your money. In this module you'll discover the  step-by-step strategies on how to structure deal financing so YOU can get your commercial real estate deal done, even when you don't have a lot of your own money to start with.

Module 13 Wholesaling; Little or No-Money Down Deals

Learn the Secrets to Successful Wholesaling

Quick vocabulary lesson! For those who want to dive into wholesaling commercial real estate, look no further than this module that teaches YOU how to become a transaction facilitator: aka Wholesaler. Get excited because you will discover the secrets of how to work a deal as a transaction facilitator, gaining not only experience but also cash – in some cases, substantial amounts – at closing.

Days 38-44

Module 14  The Benefits of Successful
Team Building

Want Time Freedom?

Building a solid investing team is vital to your success in commercial real estate so others can do the work for you. You'll get several important questions to ask as part of an interview process, so you can hire the best. This is how YOU work less, and live more!

Days 45-51

Module 15  The Beginner’s Guide to Contracts

Get the Seller to Say, “Yes!”

A contract is your best piece of marketing material. It can also help you reduce risk that many commercial real estate investors face. We’ll go through the most common contracts line-by-line, so YOU can gain a solid understanding of how contracts can work to your advantage.

Days 52-60

Module 16  Power Offer: Present and Negotiate the Final Deal

Reduce Potential Risk

Successful real estate investors understand the vital role due diligence plays in managing risk when considering a purchase of commercial real estate. So I give you due diligence checklists for each of the 7 types of commercial real estate so you have everything to make an intelligent informed business decision, based on the facts. I also give you key phrases to use that are specific to commercial real estate deals that will help lead YOU to successful win-win business negotiations. 

Module 17  Ideas to Maximize NOI, Flip, or Cash-Out (Refinance)

Increase Your Cash Flow

As a commercial real estate investor, you should always be looking for opportunities to increase the value of your investment. Tenant improvements and remodeling can encourage tenants to stay longer, pay more rents, give you better cash-flow, and increase your profits. And in most cases, the tenants themselves help pay for those improvements. It’s not nearly as complex as most people think, and anyone can do it... IF they have the foundational knowledge of how this is done, and YOU will know how to do this by completing the Commercial Real Estate Mentorship Program.


You get direct, one-on-one question boxes below each video to make sure you know exactly how to do this beyond a shadow of a doubt. I plugged all the potential leaks where you might struggle because I know how frustrating it can be to come up short when you’re pushing toward a goal. And I only want smooth sailing and success for you, my student!


"JUST DO IT! - IT WORKS! I bought 2 apartment buildings (63 units total)
with only $2,000 down!

Fred J.
Vancouver Canada

This is it!
It’s YOUR time!

“What are you waiting for? Stop watching other people have success. Whether you want to grow your existing real estate business, start a new one, or simply make extra money as a wholesaler, there’s no better time than now. 

In the Commercial Real Estate Mentorship Program you get all the information you need to be able to wisely build your real estate business.

Commercial real estate offers many different avenues for success. You can do this! I am beyond excited to welcome you as a Commercial Real Estate Mentorship Program student and to serve you along the way.” ~ Doc Haller